When should you think about managed hosting?


Managed hosting ultimately means using a web hosting company to deal with the technical requirements of your business. You have the option of hiring an in-house team or outsourcing the job to someone else who can manage it on your behalf. It is often common for businesses to spend a lot of time looking at […]

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Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac Review


Capturing and creating your very own videos, even from scratch, doesn’t have to be as complex as you may believe it to be. While it is true that video capture has always been viewed as something that is difficult to pull off (especially if you want the video to look good), the right software can […]

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Host.ag dedicated servers


HostAG’s servers are all manufactured by DELL, a global company that produces High Quality Enterprise servers that incorporate the latest technologies in hardware and software. The DELL PowerEdge suite is engineered with the right combination of features and performance scalability to handle tough workloads for both large and small data center environments. Here is the new list […]

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Moving away from WIX


WIX looks amazing with their pretty templates and shnazzy site. So hey sign up, the price isn’t too bad. Than months pasts by and you start to realize how limited you are. Your stuck in their cookie cutter world recycling their ideas. You realize Google doesn’t like similar content so your hopes of ranking high […]

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How to choose the right web host


Wіth lower priced cheap web hоstіng, уоu are allowed to usе аррrохіmаtеlу 30% оf thе server’s rеsоurсеs. As your site grows bigger things will start to slow down. With that in mind here is some tips to find the right web host for what you need. 1. Questions to ask: Before choosing your new web hosting service it’s important […]

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