10 web hosts in India you need to know about

India is huge and the population grows by 80,000 people a day! It’s no wonder we are seeing amazing things in tech happening over there. From blazing fast networks to cutting edge science centers to new tech start ups all the time. With that said we wanted to point of some of the top web hosting services located over there the world should know. This waay when you are ready for your new website and want a web host in India we got your back.

Most web hosting companies can accommodate the technology in India and are from places all over around the world. These web hosts normally places office and data center hops over there for fast connections to everyone in India.

We noticed several companies for the Best Web Hosting Companies in India. These ones are from all over the world:

  • Web Host Pro : Rs 395/month
  • SiteGround : Rs 385/month
  • InMotion Hosting : Rs 515/month
  • A2Hosting : Rs 315/month
  • BlueHost : Rs 329/month
  • iPage : Rs 225/month
  • HostGator : Rs 475/month

There is also several companies based in India worth checking out! We found these ones: 

HostingRaja.in is one of the biggest hosts in India. We noticed the typical 40% off all the time type offers that really mean the price is less than the price offered. On the other hand their site seemed very professional and they offer free transfers.

HostIndia.net has some great offers and come off a more trust worthy than Hosting Raja. Surprisingly though they do not have nearly the web foot print Hosting Raja has.

HostingRock.in also looks like a very trusting service without all the sales gimmicks. It seems about as big as HostIndia.net but in my opinion looks like better pricing.

Of course you do not need to use host India to have fast web hosting there. Sites like Web Host Pro and Site Ground have hops there for connections just as fast as if your websites data center was there.

Bottom line is without testing a service out it’s hard to tell how good they will be for your needs. I like to read about us pages and get to know who the company is. If they are not transparent that is a big flag as far as I’m concerned.

Good luck in your search and feel free to contact us anytime of you have any questions!