5 reasons to leave Godaddy

Researching the best web hosting we found some interesting articles about bad web hosts. Granted Godaddy is the largest host and most known but they also seem to be the worst. Interestingly enough they have numerous cases where they took a domain from their customers losing the name of their website forever. They even have charged people convenience charges for domains they did not think where appropriate. Amazing!

We found an article on Forbes that sparked our interest. I will say that there is affiliate links to other hosts on the article which could be their reason for the article so we did some of our own research. Interestingly enough we where shocked how many people where over charged and even ruined from Godaddy.

The first thing we noticed is they are part of a major group called SOPA trying to privatize the internet (masked as an anti pirating law). This group will allow major internet businesses decide who gets faster bandwidth shoving small businesses off the internet. This alone is a reason to not use them.

But the big shocker for me was all the people that lost their domain. Godaddy simply took it for being a day or two late on their bill or worse just because they thought the domain was inappropriate. I think without any question a web hosting service should not be a judge.

And your business should never be at risk because your host doesn’t like something you are doing when it’s legal. If anything they should give you time to move or something!

On top of this the company owner Bob Parsons is an animal game hunter, killing elephants for fun. What a douche bag! You really want to do business with these guys?

There is tons of much faster and better hosting services like WebHost.pro that actually help animals and have no bias rules on your website. As long as it’s legal of course!

They are also on watch from Anonymous because of the shady business and lifestyle of the company. This means you can get hacked anytime. You don’t want to be on these guys bad side.

Bottom line is if you are with Godaddy you are contributing to the end of a free Internet and paying a company with no shame.

Don’t wait until they ruin your website as well.

Find a better host ASAP and spread the word to not use Godaddy for any reason.

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