A Reader’s Review on Lowhosting.com

A love for writing is where it all began. I always had the passion for arranging and delivering useful information in a way that is understandable. Having my own blogging site enables me to dispatch my writings, both to the appropriate audience and raise interest to invite more recipients.  This can be hard tasks to begin with especially if you do not have a background in technical stuff. So I turned to the internet for assistance.

In my search for answers, I found out that the first step in making a blog is to select a hosting service. With the intimidating number of web hosting services nowadays, I was left nowhere but in the midst of frustration. Then, I stumbled upon lowhosting.com.

What got my attention?

Well, at first, I was hesitant to read from reviewing sites since most of them are one-sided. Many only highlight the “awesomeness” of the hosting company, to hide its un-pretty side. When they try to compare with competition, they seem to favor one over the other. But this was not the case with Lowhosting.com.

The “Providing NO-BS review” slogan captured me. I said to myself that I had to give them a chance. Initially, the site was decent and had not much of advertising going on. I also noticed the promotions and coupons page which was great for people like me who wanted to start at a discounted price. I also observed the Tutorials page where they give readers walk through on how to install certain applications used for WordPress, among others. This for me is a plus since I am not familiar with these things. It is also explained in a way that is comprehendible.

The page where you can ask varying questions related to web hosting added to my fascination with lowhosting.com. This brought me into thinking that this site was especially meant for me.

Bottom Line

Even now that I have set up a successful paying blog, and is currently using an excellent hosting service provider, I still visit Lowhosting.com for updates to see better options available. I also want to see how competition tries to step up.

The reason why I am talking about lowhosting.com is not to promote them. Choosing a reliable source of information is subjective. It’s all up to each individual where he or she turns to base his decisions upon. But for me, I want to let everyone know that despite the thousands of reviewing sites, you still can find “gems” from stones. Remember also that you must not trust easily. Many websites use “sugar coating” for the purpose of inviting more visitors and asking them to make a purchase. So do your own research.

If you are just starting to create a website or blog, a good advice to take is to find a good place to get useful reviews. If you don’t mind, try looking at lowhosting.com to see what I mean.  You might agree to all that I’ve been talking about.

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