App Web Hosting

It’s very common to talk about website hosting. There is a little over 10 million websites with thousands popping up daily. All of these sites needs a place with a fast connection so it’s important to find a good hosting company. What a lot of people don’t realize is Apps need hosting too. All of those apps you see with Google Play or at the Apple App store need hosting too. With millions of apps available now it’s important to find quality services that help app developers. Service like have templates available for web designers to get a professional looking app for an affordable place. More service like app web hosting services are available from hundreds of companies.

In most cases Apps use regular web hosting for the identity online and for the app stores they use specialty web hosting. It’s a little tricky because any day and can go from a small amount of downloads to a massive amount. This requires hosting that will not have issue with a large spike in traffic or downloads. Low end hosts lie Godaddy and Hostgator should be avoided like the plague, faster hosts like Verio and will be a better option.

Services for App developers include app templates, app web hosting, niche marketing, app design, logo design, icon design, market research, and end to end solutions.

It’s recommended to start with a template from a service like MyAppTemplates and fast web hosting. Once the app is live then start focusing on marketing, further development, and improving the image/functionality of the app.

Good luck and don’t be afraid to build an app, it’s easier than ever now with thousands of easy to use tools available.


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