Website tips 2019

website builder

1 Start with a clear navigation. 2 Organize your pages into logically-named categories and use standard terms on your menu. Visitors don’t want to guess where to go. They don’t want to analyze what you mean. And they don’t have the patience to embark on a scavenger hunt for facts. 3 Use conversational English. 4 […]

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The death of free web hosting

What was once a popular way to get your website up and running as of 2017 free web hosting is almost 100% gone. As web hosts lower their prices and improve their offers we start to see no reason to save $3 a month. There really is no justifying free apposed to $3 when you […]

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How to choose the right web host

Wіth lower priced cheap web hоstіng, уоu are allowed to usе аррrохіmаtеlу 30% оf thе server’s rеsоurсеs. As your site grows bigger things will start to slow down. With that in mind here is some tips to find the right web host for what you need. 1. Questions to ask: Before choosing your new web hosting service it’s important […]

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