Chat 4 Support

We found a great website chat service today for the best price I have seen yet. There is a free version and the lite version is only $12 for the first seat and $7 for the second. The program has a download so you don’t have to log into a browser for each chat. It also gives details on visitors and keeps detailed logs! Great software for a great price. Check out the chat service website.

Go to the website to try the free version, you can check out the over 30 handy features and there is no obligation to buy.

They also have screenshots and manuals if you prefer to research it that way. I was really impressed with how much information you can find on the website.

Instant chat software on your website can help you:

Increase sales and web site revenue
Reduce customer support and sales costs
Increase customer satisfaction and trust
Attract more interests of customers
Analyze visitor tracking and Improve online marketing performance

I personally love chat on websites, it’s quick and for most questions they can answer in less than a minute.

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