Does web hosting location matter to Google?

There has been recent rumors about Google adding a location factor to their SEO algorithms. After a ton of research we have confirmed that they scraped the idea. After all most people would have no idea where their hosts servers are.

It’s just too hard to be consistent with this option.

Our host Web Host Pro has data centers all over the world, I’m not even sure which one we ar eon and don’t care.

I did a trace route and just got the DC host name:

I than did a network whois and just got the data center business details, which are:

network:IP-Network-Block: -
network:Org-Name:Web Host Pro Inc.
network:Street-Address:1110 Palms Airport Dr, Suite 110
network:City:Las Vegas

Again this shows the company name but not the location of the server.

I then did an IP address look up: States NevadaLas Vegas

This seems to be the most accurate.

Does this mean we will get more visitors from Vegas? I can verify no, in fact most of our visitors are from California and New York. Who would of guessed.

Anyways, just a update from our findings, hopefully it will help!