started in 2014 and has a wide array of dedicated server and web hosting services. We noticed right away their prices are very reasonable and they have a professional and helpful business image. I found on their about us page they use Eco friendly data centers which I like to see because that means they are willing to beyond just getting things done and care more about being great.

I also really like how they emphasize on privacy, with how nosy everyone is on the Internet now-a-days it’s good to know some companies like have your back.


The high-end dedicated servers are a great value.

The support is solid with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by customer desk, live chat & by phone.

Helping business is their main goal and they are always improving to make sure you get the best options available as they become available. This makes them more of a partner than a web hosting service.

The bandwidth capacity of 100 Gbps, being situated at the cross-road of many Bulgarian and International telecom networks between Europe and Asia. This is more than enough for 99% of the websites on the Internet.

They accept the most popular ways to pay for online dedicated servers and web hosting such as Paypal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Paysafecard, Credit Card and Perfect Money. They also are open to use any other online payment method desired by the customer.


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