How to buy the right website hosting for you

Every business needs to buy website hosting for their website. Hosting can range from simple WordPress hosting that costs just a few dollars a month to complicated hosting that costs thousands of dollars per month if your website has many visitors or if you are doing something resource intensive like running videos, photos or handling complicated transactions.


There are a few common ways to find good hosting service providers. In addition to asking for recommendations from friends and colleagues, probably the most common way to find the right website hosting is to read customer reviews. For example, when you see articles on the web explaining how to set up a website using WordPress hosting, how do you know which of the hosting providers is better? One thing you can do is reference reviews of real customers of that hosting. Here is an example of a Bluehost evaluation page where you can see what real customers wrote about different hosting providers.

While reviews can be faked, there are often many systems in place to prevent fake reviews, and they are sometimes easy to notice if you use common sense while browsing reviews. For example, if you see a large burst of reviews in a short period of time and then few reviews at other times, that can be an indicator of faked reviews. Also if many of the reviews are short and read the same, it is also a strong indicator of fake reviews.


If you can wait for a deal like Black Friday or a different seasonal promotion, you can get a better deal on your website hosting than the prices the hosting companies typically list on their sites. You can also email the hosting company that you want to buy from directly, and see whether they can give you a discount code or whether they have any ongoing discounts or promotions happening during that period. If those companies don’t give you a discount directly, you can find a discount code by searching Google for coupon codes for that hosting provider.

Large hosting companies have many discount codes floating around the Internet, and you can often find a 10% off coupon.

Many smaller hosting companies often offer a free domain name with your hosting purchase. So take advantage of that opportunity when you can.

If you follow these tips, you should find the right hosting company for you and at a great price.