How to choose the right web host

Wіth lower priced cheap web hоstіng, уоu are allowed to usе аррrохіmаtеlу 30% оf thе server’s rеsоurсеs. As your site grows bigger things will start to slow down.

With that in mind here is some tips to find the right web host for what you need.

1. Questions to ask:

Before choosing your new web hosting service it’s important to know what your site needs. Here are some questions you need to answer before you start:

  1. Is this a long term or short term website.
  2. Is this a mission critical website or just something for fun.
  3. Is price more important or performance.

Once you decide on these questions you can move forward finding the right domain web hosting service.

2. Options you want from your web host:

  1. Do you need video streaming? If so then you need a host that has a fast Internet connection and FFmpeg installed.
  2. What operating system do you prefer? 90% of all websites on the Internet use Linux but Windows is available. Linux is faster and more secure but Windows can work better with some programs.
  3. What Control Panel do you want? CPanel is the most used control panel for web hosting but again there are many other options you might prefer.

In most cases a Linux server with Apache, CPanel, FFmpeg, and WordPress will get you what you need for your website.

3. What price should you pay?

No one wants to overpay but settling for the cheapest host is rarely the best option even for the most basic websites. A good price to look at for most web hosting services is around $7 a month. Or if you pay for the year about $65.

4. Control over your website.

You might find a host with great option like a fancy web builder but if you can’t transfer the website to another host later you can get stuck with a hosting service that is going downhill. Unfortunately hosting companies go out of business everyday and some simply just become very low in quality to cover costs.

It’s always very important to be able to move your website if you choose to.

If these options sound like a good choice we suggest trying the Pro plan at Web Host Pro this plan uses Apache, CPanal, Linux, and one of the fastest networks in the world. The plan also is WordPress optimized and has FFmpeg ready for action.

Good luck and we hope your websites does awesome.

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