How to get started with your dedicated server

The great news is you have a web based project that needs power and reliability. As far as web hosting services go, dedicated servers are the cream of the crop. With a dedicated you now have your own server and don’t have to worry about some other site on a shared server that could slow things down or annoyingly get your email blacklisted. You are the master of your own fortress on the Internet. No noisy neighbors, and no risk from anyone else being too close to your website.

Having your own space on the Internet away from other websites also means more responsibility. Dedicated servers can seem overwhelming and scary if something goes wrong.

There is a pretty easy solution to make your monster website engine be ran easily. This would be adding a Control Panel. A control panel like cPanel or Plesk makes adding new websites, emails, and managing website services a breeze. It basically takes over the whole server and makes it it’s own OS made just for websites.

They also have backup solutions which I really like. Everyone puts backups on the back burner ,but trust me… you can never be too careful with backing up your server and websites.

When you want to get a dedicated server with all the best options. Go to ashburn dedicated server

They have pretty much every service you will need to run your server with any type of website. Make sure and contact them if you have any questions.

So once you have a dedicated server how do you get started?

Normally the steps go like this:

  1. Buy your dedicated server
  2. Get your welcome email for SSH access (we use putty for this)
  3. Log in and add a control panel
  4. Add a firewall like CSF
  5. Log into the control panel and optimize it for your needs.

Obviously step five is more elaborate for different projects, but you get the gist.

I would also include step 6, which is back up everything as much as possible. Once you get everything ready and add your website, enjoy the power and peace of mind that comes with the most powerful website solution available.