In Comparison: Weebly Website Builder vs. WordPress

For those looking to avoid the expensive costs of hiring a professional web developer in order to get their new website online, it seems there’s only really one option: Do it yourself.


Not that this means investing countless hours going to web design school or handcuffing yourself to a computer and coding into the midnight hours. You could do that of course if you really wanted to, but why bother when there’s much easier -and more affordable- alternatives available?


No, for most folks, the two best options for DIY web design are either installing a Content Management System or creating an account with a top online website builder. Yet that alone brings up more questions than it probably answers, namely deciding which one you’re going to use.


To help you make that all important decision, we got together to create this in depth comparison of the Weebly website builder and WordPress Content Management System, two of the leading names in their respective fields.



For starters, we should say that it’s technically possible to use both Weebly and WordPress without spending a penny. The former does offer free basic accounts with enough features to create a website, whilst the latter is open source software, which means you’re allowed to download it and install it for free.


So far, so good, right? Well yes, but that’s not to say there aren’t costs involved. If you want to connect your own .com domain name to your Weebly site and remove their branding (which you would if you cared about how you present yourself online), that’s going to cost you extra. So too is accessing some of the company’s more advanced features like slideshow headers.


Then there’s WordPress, for which you’ll need to invest a reliable web hosting package. On their own, these cost only a few dollars per month, making them a much cheaper alternative to Weebly, though once you start adding in the cost of premium paid-for templates and plugins, the costs soon add up.


Which one is going to be easier on your wallet then pretty much depends on your needs. If you’re planning to use a free WordPress template -meaning you only need pay for some hosting and a domain name- the CMS is the cheaper option. If you need better quality design and features that you’d have to buy a WordPress plugin for, consider Weebly as your cheaper optio.



We’ve touched on themes and templates already, so let’s discuss those in a little more detail here, shall we? In this weebly web hosting review, Best Website Builder Now claim that the platform boasts over 450 pre-designed, professional quality templates, all of which are free to use with your site.


Taking a look for ourselves, we do very much like the style and presentation of Weebly’s themes, and reckon they’re as a good a standard as any of the free WordPress themes that are currently available.


That said, there’s literally thousands of premium WordPress templates out there -most of which cost less than $50- which are far better quality than any of their free counterparts, and especially better than Weebly’s designs. If you’re serious about your online image then, making an investment in WordPress may well be the way forward for you.


Ease of use

Having only just spent some time guiding someone through their first WordPress website, we can speak from experience when we say the platform can take some time getting used to for the less technically-inclined of website owners. With Weebly though, the whole point is simplicity, making it possible for anybody to create a great looking site even if they possess only very basic computer skills.


For that reason, we have to give Weebly two thumbs up on that score. Indeed, for basic, attractive sites that you can put together in no time on a small budget, the platform looks to be the best option out there. If you’ve got a little more time and money to invest in creating a professional image online, we highly recommend investing it in WordPress.

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