Why all businesses should be looking at purchasing an iPad POS System

An iPad POS systems is a more efficient, more powerful, easier and more useful Point-of-Sale system that has revolutionized retail till management.

Before the influx of iPad POS, all POS systems were generated by big and complicated terminals and computer software. Whilst these systems were good and mostly worked well, they had a lot of limitations, particularly in the sense of cost effectiveness, variety in features and general functionality. As a result of the contrasting iPad POS that takes away the work of inventories, orders and other menial tasks that have traditionally been done by a computer, iPad POS is considered as a major breakthrough in retail technology for both small and large businesses. Whilst it offers a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses, large businesses can utilize the iPad POS through boosting business and expanding sales.

How does it work?
Simply put, an iPad POS System is a type of application software, designed specifically to operate on an iPad tablet. These programs can be developed to flawless integrate with both Apple and Windows operating systems. iPad POS are used for a number of different things but their main uses are: tracking sales, monitoring employees working hours, making reports on stock, inventory systems and bar code scanning.


What are the main features of iPad POS?

Different systems have slightly different features that can be purchased in different packages or from different suppliers but here a few of the main features of iPad POS:

  • iPad POS devices are mobile and therefore optimises space
  • Manager reports can be created almost immediately with the ease of just pressing a button
  • Employees’ hours can be monitored by card systems which help to organise scheduled hours as well as generate payroll.
  • Inventory checks on iPad POS are self-managing which makes running inventory checks much easier.
  • iPad POS Systems are dramatically less expensive to run and operate in comparison to the traditional POS – this is partially due to the fact you do not need a large terminal which costs a lot more (cash register and related equipment pricing up to around £800 whereas an iPad POS will cost you within the realms of £200-£
  • Cloud based solutions allow businesses to access and still use software without the use of internet or third party apps.
  • There are customisation options available for iPad POS which allows for the system to be modified to aid different parts of different businesses.

    What are the main benefits of iPad POS?
  • It’s important to a business. An iPad POS System will absolutely be an asset to the business. Along with it being affordable and cost effective, it is very user friendly for people who are not very technically inclined, it lessens administrative strain as well as a better and more efficient customer experience. As iPad POS systems are mobile and able to be used offline, it is easy for a business owner to monitor the business and its progress from anywhere.
  • It’s user friendly. As previously stated, an iPad POS systems is more user friendly than usual normal POS systems as the intuitive interface is easy to learn. Not only is this a way of time saving when it comes to training staff, it also reduces the amount of errors made.
  • It helps better Synchronisation. iPad POS systems will help with your company’s synchronisation due to the improvements it will make with communication with the tablets that are controlling the digital menu software. This is particularly good for the hotel industry as the menus have appealing features which allows guests to enter specific custom cooking requests, place orders as well as request table service etc.

iPad POS will help to ease administrative strain. The admin responsibilities have previously shown when managers have to schedule staff working hours, make reports by hand, handle time cards and reservations as well as run inventory checks and make other reports. However, when using an iPad POS, as it is a totally automated system, business administrators are enabled to integrate time card systems along with managing the inventory and make payroll reports in seconds.ipad

  • iPad POS offers an enhanced customer experience. These systems allow for customers to place orders in store, make payments from anywhere and have the products delivered to their home address or for immediate pick up. Also, the real time data helps to improve sales and is of great assistance to the management in making business decisions.
  • They facilitate effective data management which stores customer as well as credit card data. They also ensure accurate processing of sales tax, credit card and cash payments.

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