Moving away from WIX

WIX looks amazing with their pretty templates and shnazzy site. So hey sign up, the price isn’t too bad. Than months pasts by and you start to realize how limited you are. Your stuck in their cookie cutter world recycling their ideas. You realize Google doesn’t like similar content so your hopes of ranking high are fleeting. Some sort of Matrix type flashback where every website is the same.

Don’t worry!

Even though WIX tries to trap you, there is a way out.

Web Hos Pro now offers free transfer from WIX to a real web hosting service. It’s including for free with all their web hosting plans and should be done in a couple days.

Stop wondering why your ranking with Google doesn’t change, you need a real web hosting service. WIX is like the clone wars of web hosting. A million of the same sites with a couple changes. The exact opposite of what Google likes and people in general. It’s weird when you see another site the exact same as yours. Imagine if there was thousands or hundreds of thousands.

Making a somewhat original site is important for a hundred reasons.

The good news is you can move to a host and make a real site based off of what you already have with WIX.

I’m sure Web Host Pro is not the only host to do this but they are great and highly recommended.

Do it now!

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