How to get started with your dedicated server

The great news is you have a web based project that needs power and reliability. As far as web hosting services go, dedicated servers are the cream of the crop. With a dedicated you now have your own server and don’t have to worry about some other site on a shared server that could slow things down […]

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HostAG’s servers are all manufactured by DELL, a global company that produces High Quality Enterprise servers that incorporate the latest technologies in hardware and software. The DELL PowerEdge suite is engineered with the right combination of features and performance scalability to handle tough workloads for both large and small data center environments. Here is the new list […]

Continue reading → started in 2014 and has a wide array of dedicated server and web hosting services. We noticed right away their prices are very reasonable and they have a professional and helpful business image. I found on their about us page they use Eco friendly data centers which I like to see because that means they are […]

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