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THC Servers and Webhosting Solutions

The internet has changed the way we interact and consume information throughout the world. From its early origins many decades ago, to the introduction of mass consumer internet use in the 1990s, to our current social media-centric environment, the internet is now deeply engrained in our economy and our daily lives.

Though we may take websites for granted, there is a system behind their operation. Web sites require web hosts to operate. Web hosts are companies that allow clients to lease and/or own server space on which they can host their websites.

Webhosting first became mainstream in the early 1990s, around the same time that internet usage became mainstream. GeoCities launched in 1994 and allowed its users to upload web pages of content. This was revolutionary and changed the way people use the internet.

In 2020 there are many web hosting companies you can work with to host a website. THC Servers is a great option thanks to its many benefits and its accessible pricing options. Pricing begins at $1.95 per month, which gives you the ability to host your website. You get a number of features at this pricing plan, including a hosted domain (which allows you to launch your website), five email accounts linked to your site, a website-building tool, and DDoS protection service (which protects you against hackers). Pricing goes up from there, and which can get you more websites and more benefits.

THC Servers offers 24/7 support to its hosting customers. Many new webhosting clients have questions about the service, and questions about problems that come up with their new website(s). THC Servers can help answer these questions for you, and you’ll have access to the support for as long as you are hosting your site using THC Servers.

For those wishing to market their website to potential customers, THC Servers offers online marketing services to websites they host. They can help with SEO optimization for your site (which helps it be found on search engines), help you acquire leads for your business, and help you attain a higher conversion rate for sales on your website. We also have content and article writers that can assist you with creating content for your website, which will also help you retain customers and gain more sales.

Another great perk of hosting with THC Servers is that you get the opportunity to be an affiliate with them. If customers sign up with THC through a hosting link through your website, you earn commissions as long as they continue to host with THC. For the first of five sales, you get a 20% commission, between six and ten sales you get 25%, and the numbers go up from there.

THC Services is a quality and cost-effective solution to webhosting needs, that helps and continues to help businesses around the world not only host their web page content, but promote it to those who it is meant to reach. They will continue to grow across the globe throughout this new decade and beyond.