The death of free web hosting

What was once a popular way to get your website up and running as of 2017 free web hosting is almost 100% gone. As web hosts lower their prices and improve their offers we start to see no reason to save $3 a month. There really is no justifying free apposed to $3 when you consider how more and how better a $3 web hosting plan is over an anything that is free as of now. In fact the sad fact is free web hosting is only still around for fake SEO link building sites that normally hurt the main website more than not and for fraud.

With this trend of only junk using free hosting and great hosting being only $3 even services like 000webhosting will phase out shortly. Not that they did anything wrong, it’s just evolution of the web hosting market. Web Hosts like Web Host Pro said ten years ago they charged $25 a month for what they now charge $6.95! And you can get three months free and a free domain with free privacy. Bottom line is these premium web hosts are throwing in the kitchen sink to get your business.

This is also on the wake with big hosts like eHost going out of business and popular budget host HostGator selling out to AIG who has sent the company into a sharp decline. Interestingly enough the largest hosting service Godaddy doesn’t even turn a profit yet is worth billions.

This just means bubble or worse short term survival. Trust me you don’t want to get comfortable with a host and have them go under. It can be a nightmare and if they have a custom site builder you used (I hope you didn’t!) than you might have to start all over even.

Do some research on your web host and find a company that’s isn’t trying to make billions but pay for the people working there to have a long source of income and do what they love. Some recommendations to start are: Web Host Pro, DreamHost, and ASmallOrange (yes this really is a web host 😉