The Top One-Click Installation Apps You May Not Be Familiar With

Remember the days when installing a WordPress blog, eCommerce store or forum meant taking the time to download huge zip files, FTP them up to a hosting server and then dealing with the hassle of configuring everything until you had something you could work with?

Yeah, so do we, which is why we were so glad when script libraries like Softaculous

came along to make the process of installing applications, Content Management Systems (CMS) and other platforms a whole lot easier.

These days, rather than spending hours setting up a new website, it can all be done within minutes thanks to a handy feature called One-Click Installation.

If you’ve ever logged onto your hosting account’s cPanel or vDeck before, you’ve probably seen these, and chances are you’re already familiar with some of the big name apps you can install on your server at the click of a button.

Here’s some of the better apps you may not be familiar with, all of which are supported by one-click install.

anyInventory 2.0

Available from website hosting companies like GoDaddy, anyInventory is an awesome little tool for creating custom inventories, with custom categories, enhanced search features, user-defined fields and even support for file-uploads.

Though the design may leave something to be desired, we found it ideal for managing bundles of data, sorting through lists and creating both personal and business inventories.


A Content Management System with a focus on registrations and content creation, Pligg is ideal if you’re planning to launch a website where anybody can contribute and add their own content.

Whilst the CMS’s main selling point is the ability to include secure registrations, and to ultimately have those registered users author and publish content, Pligg more than holds its own in other areas too.

With One-Click install, the whole system can be set up in no time, and once you’ve got the platform on your hosting server, it’s pretty straight forward to configure.

Design wise, Pligg-based websites can look great thanks to a range of themes and extensions. Beyond that, there’s the ability to allow users to vote on their favourite content and much more besides.

Simple Machines Forum

Currently on version 2.0.6, Simple Machines Forum is, as the name suggests, a software  package that provides the ability to create awesome community forums online.

As solid an alternative to the beast that is PHPBB, Simple Machines Forum comes with plenty of advanced features to give you greater control over the look, feel and usability of your forum.

The open source solution is available for free, is backed by an always on-the-ball support forum, and on the whole has earned rave reviews from its existing users.


An open source Human Resources Management package, Orangehrm is renowned among small and medium sized businesses as the go-to solution for when keeping track of employee information is no longer possible through a simple spreadsheet.

Easily deployable onto your web server (presenting plenty of opportunities for businesses where remote working is central to the operation), OrangeHRM has customizable modules for just about everything company’s will need to keep track of when it comes to their employees. Personal information, annual leave entitlement, attendance and more are all catered for, and with the ability to generate custom reports, there’s no wonder this is becoming many small business’s HRM solution of choice.

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