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Top 5 website monitoring services 2020

Got a website and want to make sure it’s up? There is hundreds of services to help, but with so many, how do you choose? We tested out the top 20 we could find, and listed the top 5 here. Hopefully it will save you some time! We factored in ease of use, price, and quality.

Montastic (free)


Montastic was the best choice for a personal website. It’s simple enough for personal website owners and reliable enough for those who are developing a small business website. The free monitoring service checks the website every thirty minutes from multiple locations, and can email you on downtime, page errors, multiple user logins, and other errors it detects. Email is the typical way people get alerts, but they do have apps that can do this for you as well.

If Montastic had free text alerts it would be even better.

Uptime Robot (free)

uptime robot

Uptime robot allows for free 5 minute monitoring intervals. We just thought the interface was more congested and not as easy to look at. We did like the upgrade options like text alerts and monitoring services (like DNS and MySQL servers). They have less servers than Montastic to check from remote locations. This is a big feature when it’s important to know what is causing the downtime. This was a close second to Montastic.

Uptrends (paid)


Uptrends was the most intuitive of the bunch. If price is not a big factor this is your best option. Enterprise customers can co brand the Uptrends user interface. Uptrends offers unlimited operators and currently up to 600 SMS alerts per month with their higher end packages.

Uptrends had the best high end features vs. price of them all.

Pingdom (paid)


The most expensive of the bunch. This long standing service is trusted by many large companies. Starting at about $50 a month, you can almost get a dedicated server for prices like this! On the other hand, if you are making millions from your business, it is a small price to pay for some of the best options a website monitor has available. (paid)


With a domain name like it’s hard to go wrong. Uptime provides real-time reporting from over 30 locations worldwide. They use email, sms, push notifications, web hooks, and even social media to alert you. The starting plan is $16 a month which includes 10 checks. This is a fine option, but fell short vs. the other two paid options for the amount they charge and options.

We really liked the interface on this one.


Free is free, and with Montastic’s server network, simple interface, and friendly vibe, we had to give them the number one spot. If price is not a factor try Pindom, but if you have a company and want to get your best bang for your buck (that’s not free), Uptrends is the winner.