Top SEO mistakes in 2014

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The top 5 most common SEO mistakes this year

The integration of seo from the initial design of the website to the content uploaded on it for the benefit of internet users is a “must have” for companies this year. It is crucial to develop an emarketing strategy around search engine optimization to ensure that they increase traffic to their page while making sales as well. However, not every company succeeds in the use of seo resulting in dismal results after huge financial investments. In most cases, the cause of this failure is attributed to a number of mistakes that companies make in the overall design of their website as well as content.

Some of the mistakes that seo experts have identified as the cause of ineffective marketing using this tool in 2014 include:

  1. Poor website design

Many companies believe that seo should only be incorporated in the content displayed on the website. However, this should not be the case as the overall structure of the website plays a big role in its optimization. It is important to ensure that the site is crawlable so that the information on it can be quickly picked up by search engines and displayed for online users.

  1. Lack of research on keywords

Although keywords are the backbone of seo when using it as an internet marketing tool, it is crucial that they be selected carefully. Just because a keyword sounds good, does not mean it is relevant to the content displayed on the page. Therefore, it is important to research properly on keywords to use so that they can fit into the content while increasing traffic to the page as well. Another common mistake in the use of keywords that are being sought by competitors which can be quite draining and the results may be quite depressing.

  1. Use of identical title tags

It is common to find many websites using identical title tags for the different pages on their website making it hard for search engines to determine content on the page. To succeed in emarketing, title tags need to be unique and at least have a keyword as part of its description. Also, it is important to note that title tags are not similar to article titles as many website owners have been led to believe resulting in poor rankings.

  1. Reproduction of content

Using content that has already been displayed on another site is a mistake that has been done for many years, including this one. Majority of search engines do not rank sites that have copied content and thus encourage site owners to develop original content if they want to be rewarded. Most times, websites that continuously offer original as well as relevant content get ranked highly on search engines.

  1. Minimal investment in SEO

Many companies know the importance of using seo but still investment minimal amounts to its use resulting in poor results. The use of seo is a boost to any internet marketing campaign is should be regularly backed up with proper finances for it to succeed.

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