Top web hosting services to avoid because they block site transfers.

Web hosting has always had some big companies shoving mass advertising down everyone’s computer screen in hopes of trapping customers. The whole unlimited everything was the start of it, now the trick is to block site transfers. This means once they find a way to charge hidden fees or just perform poorly, if you want to move to a better web host you will have to cut and paste your content.

When normally, a good host will allow you to move you site via server to server transfer tools. Each hosts has these tools, it’s just these large web hosting services that block them.

  1. BlueHost
  2. HostGator
  3. Wix
  4. Weebly
  5. Godaddy

Hostgator and HostBlue was recently bought out by a huge corporation (AGI) that has added the blocking software to their services. This is even more bad because they used to not be like this. Now all existing customers are trapped.

All of these hosting services block any chance of a smooth transition to a new web hosting service. It’s foul play, we assume it’s because they spend almost all your profits on marketing so they have no choice but to trap customers if you want to stay alive. It would seem smarter long term for their reputation to just spend more money on a quality service and experience.

We highly recommend staying away from these services.

Below is a small list of quality web hosts you can trust.

Thousands of web hosts allow smooth server to server transfers, here is just a few of the bigger ones:

  1. WebHostPro
  2. siteground
  3. dreamhost