Which Website Platform Provides the Best Blogging Feature?

Which Website Platform Provides the Best Blogging Feature?

If you are thinking about increasing your business’ online presence by starting a blog, then you probably want to know which platform is the best to use. Of course, you may already have a website but want to find out how to start up a blog then you have also come to the right place.

So there are many, many platforms out there, that all claim to be the best. How do you work out which one will be the best type of blog for you? Well, we’ve made things a little bit easier for you by providing a round up of the top blog platforms that are available. If you’re completely new to blogging, you might find this Introduction to Blogging article helpful before you decide which platform to opt for.

1. WordPress

If you haven’t heard of WordPress, then where have you been? The world’s most popular Content Management System, WordPress is ranked as the easiest platform to use, particularly for non-techie people. Even better, WordPress provides loads of free templates to use, so you don’t have to worry about designing anything yourself. WordPress is also the stand out performer when it comes to embedding media – so if you want to use images and videos in your blogs, WordPress makes this relatively easy for you to do. They also offer a completely free blog, which is hard to beat!

2. Wix

A lot of people like to use Wix because it has a simple ‘drag and drop’ builder that allows you to easily move your page structure around to decide how you want your pages to look. Wix also offers free templates to use and their templates are widely regarded as the better quality ones that are available at no cost. Similar to WordPress, Wix offers free blogging that accommodates pretty much anything a blogger will ever need.

3. Weebly

There’s not a great deal that separates the best blog platforms and Weebly is up there with the best. Again, they offer free blog web hosting and templates but the quality of templates are deemed quite as good as the previously mentioned platforms. Still, for free this is a great platform with plenty of fantastic features that make for a very attractive and easy to use blog.

4. Blogger

With a name like that, you expect this to be a very good option for your blog. Brought to you by Google, this is another platform that provides loads of great stuff for free. Also, because this blog is provided by Google, the masters of analytics, you can great analysis of your site usage to support the tracking and planning of your online marketing strategy.

These are just four of the best blog platforms available and there are new ones being developed all of the time. When deciding which blog platform to select, make sure you do your research to find the best fit for your business