Project Zomboid Server Hosting

We just found an awesome site for hosting Project Zomboid on a special server made just for it! is a new service with affordable rates and and easy to use system made just for hosting Project Zomboid. The service will be ready soon and you can get the full details and updates directly from the website now.

The website is clean and the colors are easy to look at it. No junk! There is a video about Project Zomboid and details on how important it is to host it on a fast reliable server.

Stop using your slow ISP when you can get a server for less than the price of broadband.

Prices start at around $20 bucks!

If you love Project Zomboid it’s time to put it in Hyperdrive with a quality server hosting experience.

A game server is the back-end system that runs part or all of a multiplayer online video game. The server can move enough data and power to allow its connected players to maintain their own accurate version of the game world to see and interact with.


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